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Our digital platform offers interactive, game-based lessons to engage students at all ages. All resources have been created with teachers and are linked to the National Curriculum.

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The EVERFI platform has been created to support your teaching.

The Compassion Project

Building kindness and empathy in students aged 7-11.


Building a financial foundation with students aged 9-11.


Digital wellness and online safety for students aged 11-14.


Explore STEM careers and
inspire students aged 11-14.

Plants, Animals and Our World

Exploring nature’s interconnected systems for students aged 11-14.

Sustainability Foundations

Creating sustainable change for students aged 11-14.


Critical financial education skills for students aged 12 to 16.


Preparing the financial future of students aged 14-16.

Data Science Foundations

Empowering students aged 14 -16 with knowledge about the fundamentals of Data Science.

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