Financial Education

An immersive adventure through a magical world, translating financial concepts into fun experiences that help pupils aged 9 to 11 to develop strategies for managing future finances.

Developed with teachers and subject matter experts, five self-contained lessons are each centred around a different online learning module, Topics covered financial decision-making, budgeting, careers, credit and borrowing and future planning.

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    Target user

    Ages 9-11



    PSHE (and related subjects), English, Maths, Personal Development



    2.5 hours



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    Vault video

    “The visuals are really engaging, particularly for this age group. They’re much better than any of the online programmes we’ve used previously.”

    — Secondary Teacher

    Resource details

    At the heart of Vault there are five online lessons on the EVERFI platform:

    Module 1
    Financial decision-making

    Pupils learn about the importance of setting goals and prioritising needs in order to manage finances in a world of limited means.

    Module 2
    Budgeting and spending

    Pupils learn the importance of setting and following a budget. They also practice reading reliable reviews and conductive comparative shopping to help meet a budget.

    Module 3
    The Compassion Project Course
    Income and careers

    Pupils explore the difference between a job and a career, a wage and a salary, and money-making opportunities for young people their age.

    Module 4
    The Compassion Project Course
    Credit and borrowing

    Pupils learn the importance of being reliable and responsible when borrowing items from friends and how that relates to credit history.

    Module 5
    Vault Course
    Future planning

    Pupils learn the value of savings accounts at financial institutions and how interest can help them reach their financial goals.

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