Digital wellness

Melissa shared a photo and suddenly it’s everywhere. Through a series of relatable characters and scenarios, students aged 11 to 16 learn about how to stay safe online, including cyberbullying and digital drama, digital footprints and protecting personal data, managing screen time, responsible content creation, searching effectively and evaluating content.

Developed with teachers and subject matter experts, seven self-contained lessons are each centred around a different online learning module.

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    Target user

    Ages 11-14



    PSHE, Computing, Design & Technology, Personal Development



    3 hours



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    Ignition Video

    “I would usually feel weary about teaching this type of thing to my students but this all seems very professional and something I could trust in.”

    — Secondary Teacher

    Resource details

    Each lesson is 20-60 minutes, depending on the combination of online and offline activities you choose:

    Module 1
    Ignition Course
    Connections and community

    Students learn about the permanence of their online posts and how to manage online relationships (including instances of cyberbullying, harassment or ‘digital drama’).

    Module 2
    Safety and privacy

    Students learn what a digital footprint is, how to protect their personal information, why to be wary of digital tracking and how to get help when they need it.

    Module 3
    The Compassion Project Course
    Screen time vs. offline time

    Students learn the benefits and risks of online time, as well as ways to identify if they spend too much time online, and how to manage their online time.

    Module 4
    The Compassion Project Course
    Technology and data

    Students learn how to protect their data online, how to recognise and avoid online threats, and how to create a secure password.

    Module 5
    The Compassion Project Course
    Rights and literacy

    Students learn how to responsibly create or co-create content online, including their rights, responsibility and restrictions.

    Module 6
    The Compassion Project Course
    Evaluating content

    Students learn how to conduct effective searches online, how to evaluate content for accuracy and perspective, and how to differentiate news from ads.

    Module 7
    The Compassion Project Course
    Digital wellness and safety pledge

    Students reflect on their learning about digital wellness and safety throughout the Ignition course, and create a class pledge.

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