Data Science Foundations

Data Science Foundations empowers students aged 14 to 16 with knowledge of data science, highlighting its application in areas as diverse as selling clothes, streaming music, football coaching and environmental protection.

Developed with teachers and subject matter experts, four self-contained lessons are each centred around a different online learning module, covering collecting, cleaning and validating data; analysing and visualising data; reporting and acting on data.

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    Target user

    Ages 14-16



    Maths, Science, Computing



    2 – 6 hours



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    Ignition Video

    “This course offers a fresh approach to data science. It fits well into the curriculum and promotes cross curricular skills. The flexible options offer additional support for students as well as creating a greater sense of independence.”

    — Secondary Maths Teacher

    Resource details

    Data Science Foundations is made up of four online modules including interactive labs. It is supported by project-based classroom materials.

    Module 1
    Ignition Course
    What is Data Science?

    Students explore real-world problems a data scientist might need to solve, and the methods they use.

    Module 2
    Collecting, Cleaning, and Validating Data

    Students learn how data scientists ensure that their data is accurate and reliable.

    Module 3
    The Compassion Project Course
    Analysing and Visualising Data

    Students use various displays and analytics tools to understand data sets.

    Module 4
    The Compassion Project Course
    Reporting and Acting on Data

    Students learn how data scientists summarise data for different audiences in order to inform business decisions.

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