Students aged 11 to 16 explore the variety of STEM careers available and how they connect to their interests and aptitudes. Students begin with a quiz to identify potential areas of interest, then try out a series of immersive activities where they apply subject learning in a realistic careers context.

Developed with teachers and subject matter experts, four self-contained lessons are each centred around a different online learning module linked respectively to Design and Technology, Computing and Physics, and related subjects.

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    Target user

    Ages 11-14



    Careers, Science, Maths, Design & Technology, PSHE (and related subjects), Personal Development



    1.5-2 hours



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    Endavour Video

    “The visuals are really engaging, particularly for this age group. They’re much better than any of the online programmes we’ve used previously. I’m finding it difficult to fault anything.”

    — Secondary Teacher

    Resource details

    Interactive and flexible lessons to run through online learning as a class, or as individuals. They cover four full units of work:

    Module 1
    Ignition Course
    Game development studio

    Students learn the game design process using the best practices in software development. As a game producer, students problem solve, apply and use tools to get work done, and make decisions within defined limitations.

    Module 2
    Home of the future

    Students explore the world to come by calibrating a connected home. They utilize a variety of data sources to achieve optimal settings, adjusting their smart thermostat, lighting control system, and intelligent refrigerator. Students learn to interpret basic data sets to make cost and energy efficiency decisions.

    Module 3
    The Compassion Project Course
    Perfect playlist

    As curation engineers at a music software company, students analyze content and user data to determine a perfect playlist. They learn how recommendation engines collect information about users from online behavior.

    Module 4
    Endeavour Course
    Designing the ultimate prototype

    Students explore advanced manufacturing techniques by designing and prototyping their own custom sneaker. They also come to understand the link between the design process and the high-tech manufacturing techniques that shape that future of production. Through this lesson, students connect these skills to STEM careers in engineering.

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