You and your money. Critical financial education skills for students aged 12 to 16.

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Ages 12-16


PSHE, Maths, Citizenship


50 minutes to 2.5 hours


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What is Thrive?

Thrive: You and your money helps students develop critical financial education skills through five 10-minute online modules, plus offline classroom activities.

Aimed at ages 12-16, the course follows Claudia as she plans and saves for a road trip to a music festival. As well as looking at why budgeting is important and ways Claudia can pay for her trip, students are prompted to think about their longer-term ambitions and consider how they can achieve their financial goals.

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“I have no doubt this is the best finance resource I have come across and meets a whole range of criteria and outcomes.”

— Gemma, PSHE Coordinator and SENCO, Cartmel Priory

Accredited by Young Money (formerly PFEG)

Course Structure

Thrive is made up of five online modules and flexible offline classroom activities that can be delivered as a lesson or 5 shorter activities.

Spending & Saving

Students look at why budgeting is important and identify strategies that can help them manage their money on a day-to-day basis.

Credit & debt

Students consider whether a specific purchase justifies the use of credit and look at how credit repayment affects the cost of borrowing.

Employment & income

Students look at different types of employment and evaluate how career choices, education training and skills affect future income and standard of living.

Investing and planning for the future

Students identify different types of saving opportunities, and look at the risks vs reward of different types of saving and investing.

Risk and insurance

Students look at common types of risks and basic risk management including the role of insurance.

Game development studio

Students learn the game design process using the best practices in software development. As a game producer, students problem solve, apply and use tools to get work done, and make decisions within defined limitations.

Home of the future

Students explore the world to come by calibrating a connected home. They utilize a variety of data sources to achieve optimal settings, adjusting their smart thermostat, lighting control system, and intelligent refrigerator. Students learn to interpret basic data sets to make cost and energy efficiency decisions.

Perfect playlist

As curation engineers at a music software company, students analyze content and user data to determine a perfect playlist. They learn how recommendation engines collect information about users from online behavior.

Designing the ultimate prototype

Students explore advanced manufacturing techniques by designing and prototyping their own custom sneaker. They also come to understand the link between the design process and the high-tech manufacturing techniques that shape that future of production. Through this lesson, students connect these skills to STEM careers in engineering.

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