The Compassion Project: Positive Relationships

Exploring how compassion is shown and actioned for ages 9-11.

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Ages 9-11


PSHE, Health & Wellbeing, PD&MU


45 minutes


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The Compassion Project: Positive Relationships

This course teaches students the meaning of compassion, as well as how to show and recognise it, helping them to build healthy and lasting relationships and maintain a compassionate classroom.

In a compassionate classroom, disputes, distractions and disagreements are quickly resolved and there is more time for what truly matters: learning. The modules take a look at the idea of a growth mindset, how to deal with intense emotions and stress relieving techniques to use to maintain good mental health.

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— Primary Teacher

Course Structure

The Compassion Project: Positive Relationships is made up of three online learning modules with three optional offline lesson plans and activities which link to the online modules.

Compassion and empathy

In lesson one, Understanding compassion, students explore the meaning of empathy and compassion, and how they can show and recognise it inside and outside of the classroom.

Mistakes and self care

In lesson 2, Mistakes and growth mindset, students discuss the idea of having a growth mindset, what this means and what it may look like. They link this to how students can show compassion without judgement of mistakes made by themselves and others.

Emotions and mindfulness

In lesson 3, Exploring self-care, students learn about stress relief techniques and how to manage intense emotions, they will practise mindfulness activities that they can use anywhere to relieve stress.

Understanding compassion

Build pupils’ understanding of compassion and introduce a vocabulary of related words and concepts

Understanding self

Help pupils understand the importance of treating oneself with kindness, concern and support.

Practising compassion

Illustrate what pupils can do each day to live more compassionately through action-oriented lessons.

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