Earn £60 by taking part in a teacher review panel to help shape new resources looking at women in the army.

We’re looking for teachers around the UK to help us create new KS3/4 lesson and assembly resources looking at the role of women in the army both historically and today.

The angle of the resources will be about their experiences as women in the army, and the resources will feature case studies from a diverse range of women.

PSHE and History specialists would be good.

There will be one assembly/form time session (approx 15-20 mins) and one PSHE/history lesson (approx. 60 mins) to be used with students aged 11-16 from across the UK.

The resources will also include filmed interviews with current serving female soldiers to help illustrate the key concepts in the resources, with the women describing their roles and experiences in the Army today, how they got there, and their achievements in the Army.

The review process consists of two parts.

First stage: Review the synopses for the resources, giving feedback on the structure and content of the resources. 23 July – 28 July

Second stage: Review the typescripts of the resources, to help ensure that we’ve taken your initial feedback on board and implemented it properly. 19 Aug – 25 Aug

You will receive £60 for your time across both parts of the review.

We are looking for 3 teachers overall, so please do let us know asap if you would like to take part. The deadline for expressing your interest is 5pm Wednesday 21 July 2021 .