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This June we want to help equip your students with the financial skills they need to thrive in today’s world and set them on the path toward success.

We have created a free downloadable planner for Primary and Secondary school teachers to help you get the most out of our online and offline financial education lessons and activities with students.

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    Free downloadable planner

    Download our planners to access our weekly challenges, offline classroom activities and our online courses.

    Weekly planner for Ages 9-11

    Explore key financial themes with your pupils with 15 minute classroom activities and our weekly challenge.

    Choose from: Making decisions, Spending and saving, Credit and borrowing, Future planning

    Our Vault resources for Ages 9-11 are fully accredited by Young Money.

    Weekly planner for Ages 12-16

    Explore key financial themes with your pupils around with 15 minute classroom activities and our weekly challenge.

    Choose from: Why budget?, Credit and debt, Employment and income, Investing and planning for the future

    Our Thrive resources for Ages 12-16 are fully accredited by Young Money.

    “The lesson plans were so easy to use and really made them easy to deliver in the classroom. I think one of the biggest benefits is how Vault allows pupils to relate to scenarios about everyday life and that through this they can see the purpose behind financial education.”

    – Melanee Rose, Head of Maths at King’s House School Richmond


    Introduce students aged 9-11 to foundational financial literacy concepts like budgeting, saving, income and careers, with an online interactive and supporting offline worksheets linked to the KS2 curriculum. Vault has been accredited by Young Money (formerly PFEG).



    Help students aged 12-16 develop financial education skills with five 10 minute modules, plus classroom activities. The course follows Claudia as she budgets for a road trip, with students prompted to consider their ambitions and how to achieve their financial goals. Thrive has been accredited by Young Money (formerly PFEG).


    Develop understanding of the economy and enable 14-16s to become more aware of how it relates to their lives with five 15 minute online modules . Students will learn about the law of supply and demand, be encouraged to think about their own future and look at the various options available to prepare them financially.

    “The visuals are really engaging, particularly for this age group. They’re much better than any of the online programmes we’ve used previously. I’m finding it difficult to fault anything.”

    – Secondary Teacher

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