We’re looking for educators in FE settings to help us reach those teaching Uniformed Protective Services BTEC or Public Services diplomas. Could you help us by forwarding this ad to a relevant colleague?

EVERFI is looking to develop FE resources to support the academic and theory learning within Uniformed Protective Services diploma / BTEC (as well as other similar Level 3 qualifications). The content will likely explore theories and techniques used to develop effective services teams, leadership and communication skills under pressure – with strong cross-curricular links to careers and PSHE. We would offer £100 as a thank you for your time and input.

We are looking for individuals who are interested in getting involved with shaping ideas for content, giving a little time to read and review initial ideas, a content outline and draft content as it develops – providing either written feedback, or discussion over a call as best suits. Your feedback will help ensure the final materials are useful, engaging and easy-to-use for students and practitioners.

Who: FE practitioners delivering Uniformed Protective Services Level 3 course (or related qualifications)
When: feedback on initial ideas by May 16, feedback on content outline 23-29 June (approx.), feedback of draft resources 4-11 August (approx.)
Where: over email/online
Incentive: £100 on completion of all review stages
Time requirement: approx. 2.5-3 hours (30 mins initial ideas review, 45 mins content outline review, 1.5 hours draft resources review)

Please respond with your interest by next Friday 5th May 2023.