We are working to educate students on the ever-changing landscape of the working world through the development of soft skills, career planning and an understanding of technology.

This review will help to shape the synopsis of this resource, guiding the overall direction of the learning. The resource will be made up of a combination of PowerPoints and PDFs to diversify the learning and allow students to apply information. The resource will be divided into different ages to ensure the learning is relevant and appropriate for a range of students.

We need feedback from the PSHE teachers and careers advisors it’s designed to be used by, to ensure it’s relevance and appropriateness. We’ll provide you with all the tools to help.

Who: PSHE and Careers educators for ages 11-18
When: From Wednesday 15th November
Incentive: £50 for one review
Time requirement: approx. 60 mins
Please respond ASAP or by Wednesday 15th November and pass on to any relevant colleagues.