Research by Sport England shows that Black and Asian children in different areas are less likely to be active than their White counterparts.

We are looking for primary teachers who are Black or Asian, OR who are not Black or Asian themselves, but are teaching at primary schools with a high number of Black and/or Asian pupils. As part of a key sporting programme, we are creating a set of fun activities to engage pupils to get active and increase their participation in sports and games.

The resources, created with professionals, will include a lesson plan and several activity sheets. We would like teachers to review the content for appeal, engagement and effectiveness at removing any barriers to engagement for Black and Asian pupils.

Who: Black/Asian primary teachers or primary teachers of a high number of Black and/or Asian pupils aged 5–11.
When: The review is likely to take place between 18–22 December, but please be aware these dates are still to be confirmed and are subject to change.
Where: You will be sent all the materials and questions for your review over email.
Incentive/fee: £50 on completion.
Time requirement: We expect that the review will take no longer than 45 minutes.

Please express your interest by completing the form below by Wednesday 6th December.