We’re looking for a small number of career teachers and leads at secondary level to review a ‘careers toolkit’.

We are looking for secondary careers leads, or other teachers with careers responsibilities, from across the UK to review an existing education programme’s ‘Careers Toolkit’. From this research we are looking for your views on the current content, format and design, and how the toolkit could be best expanded and/or improved to meet your needs.

Your feedback will help us further develop the toolkit, which includes posters/infographics to share directly with young people or on school social channels – providing key information about careers they may not have thought about before. The review should take around an hour and we will pay you £30 for your time.

Who: Careers leads in secondary schools
When: Feedback by Friday 11th November
Where: Online
Payment: £30

Please respond by Wednesday 9th of November, and as always, please help us by forwarding on to your colleagues and friends!