Share your pride – fun, bitesize activities for the summer term – Primary and Secondary.

We are looking for 2 primary and 2 secondary teachers to review and help shape the content for a new summer campaign as part of the Get Set educational programme.

The new summer campaign is called Share your Pride, it will invite schools and communities to unite and show their support for the teams before, during and after the Games in their own personal way.

The content we are asking you to review is a set of fun, bitesize activities that teachers can do with their students in the summer term.

We are creating a set of 10 activities based on the theme of pride, joy, celebration. These will be designed to promote unity and help make children and young people feel part of the team and proud of their nation.

The resources will be in PDF and PPT format. They will be accessible and easy for teachers to access with no/minimal preparation. They will be flexible, designed for use at school or at home. They could be used at different points in the school day – registration, breaktime, settler etc. Activities will be mainly fun and creative whilst picking out loose links to the curriculum – English, Geography, Art, PSHE for example.

We estimate that the work will take up to 1.5 hours in total, split across two stages:
Stage 1: Resource synopsis (30 mins): 4th May – 5th May
Stage 2: Typescripts (1 hours): 12th May – 14th May

We will provide all the materials for you to review as well as templates for your feedback.

We will pay you £30 for your time.