Calling all teachers in Glasgow!

We’re looking for primary schools based in Glasgow or the Greater Glasgow area to use some resources with pupils in the year groups P3 or P4. The resources focus on germs and handwashing and you can select from a range of content to use with their class.

We’d like pupils to take part in a paper pre survey and a short log of their handwashing behaviour before the teachers use the resources and follow the same process afterwards.

Surveys would be sent after half term, and we’d like them to use the content and complete the post surveys before the end of this term.

As a thank they’d receive £50 for their school, £125 as a teacher taking part and an additional £50 if they also take part in a 30min teacher interview.

Please get in touch asap if you are interested in taking part. If you have no access to your teacher email address over the half term break, please leave the most suitable email address to contact you on.