Earn £60 by taking part in a teacher review panel to help shape new resources looking at the LGBTQ+ community

We’re looking for teachers around the UK to help us create new KS3/4 lesson and assembly resources looking at the LGBTQ+ community, their impact on history and the importance of celebrating this community today. PSHE and History specialists would be good, as well as teachers who have some relationship with the LGBTQ+ community and understand the difficulties faced by members of the community.

There will be one lesson and one assembly resources to review. The resources will include bespoke films to help inspire conversation among the KS3/4 students. The resources will briefly look at the historical impact of the LGBTQ+ community, particularly during the two world wars, and will then look at the present day importance of this community. These resources will be released ahead of Pride Month in June.

The review process consists of two parts. Firstly, we would like you to review the synopses for the resources, giving feedback on the structure and content of the resources. Secondly, we’d like you to review the typescripts of the resources, to help ensure that we’ve taken your initial feedback on board and implemented it properly.

You will receive £60 for your time across both parts of the review.

We are looking for 3 teachers overall, so please do let us know asap if you would like to take part. The deadline for expressing your interest is Wednesday 24th March.