Primary school teachers – can you help us with Premier League Primary Stars research?

We’re looking for primary school teachers that have used the Premier League Primary Stars programme and online resources with their pupils. 

We think it is vital that we hear from the pupils who have experience of the programme and the resources to make sure that the programme continues to support the learning and engagement of a broad range of young people.

The interviews would be short, fun 30 minute conversations with the pupils in groups of 2 or 3. You or their class teacher would need to be present and our interviewer would join via video call over GoogleMeet (we can arrange other video call software if there are restrictions in your school and have options for working around classes that are isolating). 

We will try our best to arrange the interview around your schedule. 

All pupils and schools involved will remain anonymous in any reporting and detailed forms will be provided explaining how we will use the interview transcripts. 

As thanks for taking part in the interviews we are offering £70 worth of Nike vouchers to your school. 

Please let us know which PLPS resources you used, your rough area (e.g. Yorkshire, West Midlands), the number of pupils you can recruit and their age/year group. 

We’re booking up interview slots from now and onwards so please get in touch straight away if you are interested.