Looking for x2 Primary school teachers to review a set of film outlines for 6 PE training films

We are looking for 2 primary teachers to review and help shape the content for 6 PE teacher training films. 

Films are intended for Primary school teachers who are not confident with planning and delivering PE lessons. 

Teachers must teach PE and not be subject specialists in this subject area.

The films are part of a set of resources that were launched in June 2021. 

The films aim to offer more support to teachers about the following areas of PE:

  •  Learning domains – Thinking, Social & Emotional, and Physical skills
  •  Inclusion
  • Differentiation
  • Assessment for learning
  • Questioning and discussion
  • Modelling and demonstrations

We’d like you to review the scripts/ film outline for the x6 films.

It is important that these films are informative and supportive but are not patronising/condescending.